Background of NY DOMA challenge

Next month, the Supreme Court will hear two gay rights cases: first a challenge to DOMA in United States v Windsor, and then a day later, a Prop 8 challenge from CA in Hollingsworth v Perry.  It's worth revisiting the compelling details of the DOMA case of Edyth Windsor and Thea Clara Spyer who were together for 42 years until Spyer's death.  Windsor was then hit with an exorbitant estate tax bill because federal law did not recognize her marriage even though she was legally married in the state of NY.  Their story is here.

The Obama Administration, through the Solicitor General's office, filed a brief in support of overturning DOMA arguing for removing one plank of DOMA: the plank that defines under federal law, marriage as between a man and a woman.  The other plank of DOMA allows states not to recognized gay marriages from other states.  A good summary of the Administration's brief is here.

H/T Roger Hartley