Pew polling data on immigration--Congress should be cautious

There seems to be a major disconnect of the public and the elites on immigration.  Both parties and chambers are working on immigration legislation.  Meanwhile, the public does not see it as a priority.  The Pew Research Center has compiled a bunch of recent polls on what the public thinks about immigration here.  The polls are showing that on a list of policy priorities, people think immigration is 17th in importance and only 15% of respondents think it is vital to enact immigration legislation this year.  But the fact that the first two priorities named are both related to the economy should give members of Congress of both parties pause as they move forward with new legislation.  The public is preoccupied about the economy and they don't think remedying undocumented immigration is a priority.  Any legislation will have to highlight the economic benefits to all, not just to the legalized immigrants.  Put differently, the immigration legislators will have to make a case for why their immigration bills would not hurt job prospects and the overall economy for U.S. workers.