Marco Rubio, Poster Boy for Moderate Whites

The other day I was ruminating about Marco Rubio as a GOP spokesperson to attract Latinos.  After to a conversation with my college roommate, she reminded me that using Rubio to appeal to Latinos in the U.S. who are mainly Mexican-Americans, is even sillier when you consider that Cubans have a much easier path to citizenship than any other immigrant group.  As this Chicago Tribune article does a great job explaining , "For Cubans who want to immigrate to the United States, the hardest part is getting here."  Thanks to the Cuban Adjustment Act of 1966, any Cuban who manages to reach U.S. shores is granted immediate refugee status upon arrival (which puts one on a fast track to a Green Card and full citizenship).  If anything, other Latino groups resent the Cuban's special treatment under U.S. immigration law.

Since on several levels it does not make sense to use Rubio to reach out to the Latino community, I have to conclude that he is being held up to appeal not to Latinos, but to moderate whites.  That might explain why the GOP has gone out of there way to spotlight Nikki Haley, Bobby Jindal, Ted Cruz (also Cuban), Michael Steele and Condi Rice.  The message is:  "Look!  We have conservative brown people and conservative black people too."  This from the party that so abhors affirmative action....

H/T Lynn Arce