Shocker: John Yoo and I agree on something

John Yoo, the controversial conservative attorney who justified torture called President Obama a passive-aggressive president.  I don't agree with much of what Yoo has ever said.  In this Washginton Post article, Alec MacGillis writes about the politics of passive-aggressiveness.  He reports that Yoo said the following about Obama on immigration:

Yoo told me [MacGillis] in an e-mail that he saw passive-aggressive tendencies in Obama’s announcement last year that he would stop enforcing immigration laws against undocumented young people who’d been brought to the country as children — 'not because the laws are unconstitutional, or there are too few resources,' Yoo wrote, 'but because he wishes immigration laws were written differently.'

I agree with Yoo on this one.  So much of the success of the immigration reform process depends on education given the ton of misinformation out there on the subject.  Rather than being more forceful about making a case for a more humane and fair deportation procedures and explaining why prosecutorial discretion is warranted in these cases, Obama missed that teachable moment.  Even by saying it's the "right thing to do" without a more sophisticated and nuanced elaboration, the Administration leaves itself  open to critics who tagged it as a backdoor amnesty.