Face it, Jeb Bush has no position on immigration

Today Jeb Bush seemed to retract his previous statement that he does not support a pathway to citizenship. (h/t Phil Wolgin) So first he was for it, then he was against it, now he is for it under certain circumstances.

On the NBC Chuck Todd show, Bush said, "“I think we need comprehensive reform, and if there is a path to citizenship that has enough of a realization that we have to respect the rule of law, then so be it,” Bush said.  This statement is vapid and vacuous, full of buzzwords that mean nothing.  He never states, after apparently writing a whole book on immigration, what criteria he would use to determine "enough respect for the rule of law."  

Dan Kowalaski thinks Bush is confusing the difference between Green Card/Lawful Permanent Resident status, and citizenship.  I don't think Bush knows what he is talking about on immigration at all.  All the analysts parsing his words are wasting their time.  It's not Bush flip-flopping; it's the illustration of someone who has not mastered the subject he is pontificating about or,  someone who is strategically trying to position himself in the most favorable light instead of having a principled policy to advance.  Either way, his "view" is now so convoluted no one knows what it is.