Jeb Bush endorses permanent noncitizen underclass

As he was making the rounds of TV shows this week  to pitch his book while retracting some of his ideas from the same book, Jeb Bush made the following statement on NBC's Today show: “Many people don’t want to be citizens of our country. They want tocome here, they want to work hard, they want to provide for the families, some of them want to come home, not necessarily all of them want to stay as citizens.”  His statement was made in justifying his flip-flop on providing a path to citizenship for the undocumented. He is suggesting that citizenship really isn't that important for most people.  He has no data to support his claim, but more disturbingly, why, in a democratic society like ours, do people like Jeb Bush feel so free to champion a program to create a permanent underclass of non-citizens who can never gain full citizenship rights and privileges? What parts of Bush's truths are self-evident that not all men are created equal and that some are not endowed with inalienable rights given the permanent caste status he is recommending?