Compilation of tweets from Hollingsworth v Perry oral argument just concluded

KAGAN: asked prop 8 defender what harm was caused by same sec marriage.When he couldn't answer, Kennedy asked if he was conceding the point. h/t Adam Serwer

KENNEDY:asks about 40,000 CA kids in LGBT families.“The voices of those children is important in this case, isn’t it?" h/t Adam Winkler

SOTOMAYOR: Why is taking the case now the answer? We let issues "perk." We let racial segregation perk 50 yrs.

ALITO: asked about "need to be cautious" .."Same sex marriage is very new...newer than cell phones or the internet." h/t Jan Crawford

SCALIA:   "considerable disagreement" about the "consequences" of same-sex couples raising children. h/t Ryan Rielley

"Justice Kennedy suggests Prop 8 case may have been improvidently granted. Lots of comments about "newness" of same-sex marriage." h/t Marcia Coyle

and some initial reactions from....

"Totally baffled after hearing today"s #ssm args. No clear winner." Jeffery Toobin

"Appearing before cameras post-argument, Ted Olson said based on questioning from justices he has absolutely no idea how they will rule." h/t Carl Hulse