Audio files from Kurz Chair panel on aggressive street policing tactics

In April 2013, Brooklyn College hosted a panel discussion on NYPD's aggressive street policing tactics with a number of experts from the social sciences and the media.  A written summary of the event is here.  I can now provide some audio files.  These are not the best quality because by the time I tried to call for professional recording services, it was too late.  Nevertheless, the speakers are audible on this cellphone recordings below.  Each file is about 15-18 minutes long.

Here is criminologist John DeCarlo on alternatives to aggressive street policing tactics.  (His recording has the most background noise, the other speakers have less.)


Here is New York Times reporter Michael Powell on his dilemma in trying to report on the NYPD when the department will not grant reporters access and when studies by experts on conflicting.



Here is sociologist Alex Vitale on whether the aggressive street policing has actually decreased criminal activity or simply moved these activities from public view to other more clandestine locations.



And the last speaker was criminologist Frank Zimring who spoke about the contributions of police tactics to the NYC dramatic crime drop.