Petraeus multi-tasks, teaching also at USC, is he all in at CUNY?

Well gee whiz, just as I put up the post about General Petraeus coming to CUNY, news went out today that he's going somewhere else too to USC.  An April 23, 2013 New York Times article about Petraeus joining CUNY reported:

Mr. Petraeus, who will be the next visiting professor of public policy at the university’s Macaulay Honors College, had been approached by many universities, but settled on CUNY because he admires its diversity of students, locations and offerings, his lawyer, Robert Barnett, said in an interview.

Meanwhile, this morning's LA Times article states, "Petraeus, 60, is supposed to start his faculty position at USC July 1 for an open-ended period, officials said." The new USC gig gives new meaning to "settled on CUNY".  My colleague Corey Robin is right to ask if the guy is really all in.