The IRS "scandal"--a political Rorschach test

Michael Hilltzik of the LA Times wrote today about the real scandal of the IRS story. (h/t Rob Barr) Contrary to what the conservatives think, this "scandal" is not about the ideological profiling of the IRS of conservative  groups.  The issue is also not about "chilling effects" on speech as the conservatives would like to argue.  Rather, Hiltzik says that the anonymity is the real scourge on tax system under section 501(c)4, which was given the seal of approval of the Supreme Court in Citizens United v FEC.  In the video on the LA Times page, Hiltzik noted,  "Secrecy is subversion of the political process." and that the real issue is "too much money in politics, too much secret money in politics", not the IRS' ideological profiling.   As Hiltzik concludes, "Here are the genuine scandals in this affair: Political organizationsare being allowed to masquerade as charities to avoid taxes and keep their donors secret, and the IRS has allowed them to do this for years." 

This is a political Rorschach test of sorts.  If you are a liberal, you see this "scandal" as Hilzik does as being about the undue influence of anonymous money flowing into politics.  If you are a coservative, you see this as ideological profiling and as Mitch McConnell (R-KY) stated, an attempt by the Obama Administration to "silence" its critics.

 I wonder what this poking of the animals will do to the Senate immigration bill, aka Obama's second term signature legislation, in the House of Representatives.