Jorge Ramos, the "Spanish-language" Walter Cronkite

This is Jorge Ramos, a prominent reporter at Univision who has championed immigration rights. Although a well known voice and face in the Latino community, few non-Spanish speakers know him.  He is profiled in an article in yesterday's LA Times.  Ramos, an immigrant himself (now a naturalized citizen), anchors the evening news at Univision with an audience of more than 2 million viewers each night.  As the LA Times article notes, that number is three times that of the audience for Wolf Blitzer's "Situation Room" on CNN. 

Ramos and his station is also known to be unabashedly pro-immigration reform and pro-immigrant views.  He made history when he complained about the lack of Latino moderators of Presidential debates and then Univision hosted its own candidate forum with Romney and Obama.  He grilled both.  One wonders why this is the first time that I, an immigration specialist, is hearing of such an important taste-maker.

Photo from LATimes