You can run like Rand, but you can't hide--the GOP's immigration dilemma

The New Republic has already mocked Rand Paul's (R-KY) inelegant dine-and-dash mid-bite of his burger in Iowa recently with a reference to Monty Python.  In watching the painful footage of Steve King (R-IA) being confronted by two very articulate and educated DREAMERS, an Arizona State graduate and another law student, both brought by their parents to this country when they were young and are undocumented, you see the crux of the GOP's immigration dilemma.

First, here's the footage of the now famous Rand Paul profile in courage.  You need to see for yourself King's words.

ith regard to Rand Paul's quick exit--he really had no choice--that old Flock of Seagulls song comes to mind.

But King comments, as he alternates between complimenting Ms. Andiola repeatedly on her command of the English language and asks her if she is a drug smuggler (because that's allegedly the only kind of undocumented immigrant he's opposed to) encapsulates the GOP's bigger problems with immigration.  The party will be repeatedly challenged by a growing generation of DREAMERs like the two in the video, educated in the U.S., articulated, and bold.  And unfortunately for King and Running Rand, the Latino community see King and his ilk as emblematic of the entire party's stance on immigration rather than an outliers of the party.