Jeb! on anchor babies: The Asians are the problem

Jeb! weighed in on the birthright citizenship debate on August 24 by affirming his support for the provision and saying he is against Trump and others' efforts to repeal it.  However, he believes it is unfortunate that Asians are coming to abuse the system.  Hear what he had to say in his own words.

Jeb! was referring to  "birth tourism", an industry which is real, but by no means is it limited to Asians. Why he gratuitously singled out Asians as abusing the system is a gift to the Democratic Party head scratcher.

On August 24th, Pat Egan of NYU was explaining  in the Washington Post that Trump's stand on immigration was hurting the GOP. He wrote that while Obama "trounced Romney" among Latino voters, "The gap was even larger (73-26 percent) among Asian-Americans, who were 3 percent of the electorate. Since most recent immigrants hail overwhelmingly from either Asia or Latin America, campaign weeks like this make it less likely that Republicans will make gains with either group in 2016."

Political Scientists Kuo, Malhotra, and Mo explain that while much has been written about Obama's commanding share of the Latino vote over Romney, his even larger share of the Asian American vote can be explained in part by the solidarity that Asian-Americans felt with Latinos on the immigration issue.  The authors advise:

What can the GOP do to win them [Asian-Americans] back? As long as Republicans appear scornful of minorities, our findings suggest, they will not get Asian Americans’ electoral support. This applies not only to rhetoric, but also to policy issues such as immigration reform. The Republican Party could try to capitalize on divisions between Asian Americans and other minorities, emphasizing how Democratic policies benefit other groups at their expense. But doing that successfully would require a level of political dexterity that Republicans haven’t shown much of late.

It does appear that Jeb! has that political dexterity either. All the pundits keep talking about the damage that is being done to the GOP brand by the Trump anti-immigration talk; it looks the GOP has more than one group to worry about.