Trump tangles with Jorge Ramos, the Walter Cronkite of Latinos

Yesterday, Trump had Jorge Ramos, the well known anchor of Univision, thrown out of his news conference in Iowa for asking a question out of turn, before letting him back in.  There was probably no better way to further infuriate the Latino population.  Ramos is described by Matthew Dowd, a campaign adviser to George W. Bush, as "not only a journalist",  but "the voice of the Latino constituency.” Dowd asked, "Remember what L.B.J. said, ‘When you lose Walter Cronkite, you’ve lost the war’?”; he believes Ramos has that same influence among Latino viewers.  

You can watch Ramos and Trumps' very testy exchange after Ramos is allowed back in the room.  In the questioning, the two cover three elements of Trump's immigration plan.  I provide 2 sentence summaries here but you should watch the video to hear it in their own words.

1) Birthright citizenship:  Trump believes the birthright citizenship provision can be repealed statutorily through Congress and he is prepared to test that move in Court. He claims great constitutional scholars agree with him.

2) Building a wall on the southwestern border:  Ramos expresses skepticism that a wall can be built.  Trump says it's harder to build a 95 story building and he's been able to do that, so why not a wall.

3) Mass deportation:  Ramos says there is no way Trump can deport 11 million people.  Trump says he will do it "humanely" and shoots back "I have more heart than you do."  He says while "government" would be ineffective and not up to such a monumental task, "management"  which he is adept, could pull it off.

The Hill reports that apparently Ramos got one last question in at the end and Trump signed off by saying.

“Do you know how many Hispanics work for me? Thousands. You know how many Hispanics have worked for me over the years? Tens of thousands.”

Trump ended the Q & A session by telling Ramos, "We’re going to be talking a lot over the years."

A Gallup poll just released this Monday shows Trumps' approval rating among Hispanics now stands at -51 .  By contrast, Hillary Clinton's approval rating is +40.  This recent dust up with Ramos probably didn't help, but then again, Trump is clearly not worried about garnering the support of this constituency.